So who I am…well my name is Kelly and my buddy Ralph the border terrier follows me through life’s adventures.

I have always been a doer, steaming through to the next stage of my life that I thought I needed to be at. Where I should be for someone of my age and conforming to what society sees as acceptable.

I spent a lot of years burying emotions and thoughts from events in my life and never really acknowledging them and laying them to rest. Inevitably I exploded like a Catherine wheel firework, spinning spectacularly out of control until all that was left was a faint trail of who I used to be and more importantly wanted to be.

It is a scary, yet empowering feeling to be true to your heart. To believe in yourself and own your decisions, your life. Not everyone understands or agrees but that is just the point, Your life is your own to do as you choose. Ignore the social noise and expectations, create your own individual life.

My aim is to give you hope, inspire and to have you join me on my journey in creating a life that is beautifully my own doing the things I love.

Much Love

Kelly & Ralph


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